7 Tips for A Top Title!

Choosing a title for your book is one of the most important marketing decisions you will make. Your title can help or hinder sales. So, here are seven tips to help you make sure you give your book a title that is unforgettable!

The Hunger Games1. Short and sweet - and memorable!

Try to come up with a title for your book that has no more than four words (or five at most!). You'll notice a lot of good book titles have just three words. The Hunger Games and The Tipping Point are examples of 3 words and To Kill a Mockingbird has just 4. Keep this in mind for your own title and model the winners!

2. Avoid words that are obscure, hard to pronounce or spell.

Many times authors choose words that are unusual because they believe it will help them standout, but it doesn’t. Obscure words are not good for book titles. We found this out to our detriment with Answers From The Akashic Records - even today nobody knows what that is!

A bad book cover title 3. Give your readers a hint of what they'll find in your book

Again, some authors will think they should be obscure or provocative and tease readers with the title. Not a good plan. Make it memorable, but don’t confuse readers or make them guess what the book is about.

 4. Know the titles in your genre

You want to use a title that is memorable, but it should also fit your genre. There's a difference between romance books and business books so don't deceive people with your title. Visit your local bookstore or library to get a feel for titles in your genre. I made this mistake with my first book, "The Reincarnation of Columbus". The book was about the death of my infant son and I was the only one who knew the connection between him and Columbus. Nobody else understood it - they all thought it was an American History book.

Love em or lose em5. Write a clear subtitle that further clarifies your book

A subtitle helps people understand what they're getting from your book. It can help avoid misunderstandings and become the prime motivator for purchase.

6. Along with your book, your title may require some revisions, too!

Most authors have a title in mind when they begin, but many still don't know even after their manuscript is finished. That's ok, now you have time to get it right. Many times the first title chosen is not the one that ends up on your front cover. Remember, the goal is to end up with a title that is unforgettable.

7. Do your research

Once you've found a title you like, research it to see if there are existing books with the same or a similar title. It can save you much time and even legal headaches later if you do a little research before you get into the publishing process. Once these seven tips are followed, you will have an unforgettable title! Contact us if you need help finding that special winning title for your book! 

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