Questions About the Akashic Records

Q. What is Source’s definition of the Akashic Records?

A. Source’s definition is that it is a field of information like streams of color or spheres of light, and not necessarily language. It is similar to different frequency bands of information which vibrate as different colors or resonate as sounds. It is part of the collective unconscious where everything that ever was or ever will be, resides. It is the same as saying that it is the ‘all that is’. Once something is added to it, it IS — in other words — it EXISTS. Once something exists, it is there in the field and it registers as different colors or frequencies of information.

Q. If all time is simultaneous, how does it register something as having ‘happened’?

A. Where is the confusion? Once something has happened, it is there. It doesn’t have a distinction with time; it is part of the whole, which is timeless. Past, present or future is not separated — it just IS.

Q. What’s the purpose of the Akashic Records?

A. It’s like asking ‘what’s the purpose of existence’ — because they are one and the same. The Akashic Records are records of existence — of everything that exists and existence is for God’s pleasure.

Q. Are the Records open all of the time or are some Records closed or sealed?

A. God’s information is open to everyone and is free to everyone, all the time. There are no Records that are closed, however, if you are not at a certain level of consciousness, there are Records you could not access or read. Since they are a collection of frequencies, your ability to access the Memory, or the ‘all that is’ has everything to do with your own state of consciousness.

Q. Are there specific ‘rules’ to access these Records?

A. There are no rules per se, however it is a vibrational field and accessibility has everything to do with your own state of consciousness. So the ‘rules’ are, you can’t access it unless your state of consciousness is a vibrational match.

Q. Are there specific prayers to access the Records or would an intention suffice?

A. There is more than one prayer that can be said, but more than that, it is about your intention. Anyone with the wrong intentions would not be able to access certain frequencies. The advantage of particular prayers is that they will take you to certain frequencies and your ability to align yourself to those frequencies will determine how able you are to read the Records. Specific prayers do make a difference.

Q. What about predicting the future in the Records?

A. You can see probable futures.

Q. Are certain people better able to access the Records than others, and if so, how does this affect the information coming through?

A. Yes, certain people are able to access the Records better than others, which does affect the translation coming through in the down-stepping process. It has to do with an individual’s own filters of consciousness — i.e. their opinions and belief systems can taint the purity of what they can receive.

Q. In the light of what you’re saying, is it possible to teach anyone to read the Records or do they have to be quite advanced spiritually to down-step Truth?

A. You can teach a prayer to anyone and that prayer can help someone reach a certain frequency level, but, how able that person is to match that frequency or down-step the information has everything to do with their own abilities. The exception to this would be to go into a hypnotic state similar to Edgar Cayce, where the perceptual filters are bypassed and would not be interfering. Keep in mind, however, that with the hypnotic process, the translator could be susceptible to wear and tear on his mind and body if he or she is not naturally attuned to certain higher frequencies.

Q. Where are the Records located?

A. Everywhere, throughout all existence.

Q. So you can’t erase your own Records then and is it desirable to do so?

A. Nothing is ever lost but what does go is a certain attachment to an event, time period, experience, person, etc. When we talk about erasing the Records, we are talking about erasing the ‘charge’ that’s attached to them. It is a way of reconciling events. Think of it as psychic energy or cords that you may have to certain aspects of your Records — some might call it ‘karma’. It is desirable to go back into your own past and reconcile your own past so that it is recorded as memory, but there are no longer any cords. You don’t really erase it out of the ‘Book’, but you do erase the attachment or anything left undone or not forgiven. Remember, we were talking about the Records being frequencies — any frequencies that lock parts of you ‘in place’ or anchor you to a certain event or time period need to be reconciled. That way your ‘time stream’ is clean — it becomes frequencies of beautiful, harmonious ribbons of colors as opposed to frequencies that would keep you locked in a place or time. For example, you really wouldn’t want a prior lifetime still affecting you today, keeping you from being free. This is what is interesting about reading your own Records or your own ‘Book’ — you can see where you still have things to resolve. You can also see what you’ve gained — you can get a good measure of yourself.

Q. Are there different locations for different Universes or are they all in the same place?

A. Again, it is about frequency. In one sense you could say that everything exists simultaneously but you would not necessarily have access to every Universe if you are not vibrationally compatible with it. Certain Records would not be found in certain alternate Universes if you did not have experiences in those places. In other words, since we are talking about resonances, my Records may not be ‘located’ in another Universe if I, as a soul never went there or imprinted a frequency of myself there. Each person’s Records would be contained within the fields where they resonate and have their experiences.

Q. Can anybody get into your personal Records without your permission?

A. Yes and no. If they can access your frequency, yes, and no, if their intention is not honorable or if there are lessons personal to you that need self-discovery, they will see a blank wall of energy preventing them from reading. The Records have their own safeguard against person’s whose intentions are not honorable in that their frequency will not be high enough to access the Records. Anyone trying to read another’s Records without their permission is not acting honorably. In principle, the Records are open books, but not in application. It’s a perfect system.

Q. Can the Records be changed?

A. NO, they can only be added to. Let’s say science/technology has discovered a way to go back into the past and change an event — the original event is still recorded as it happened. You can’t go back and take something out of existence once it has existed. You are really creating a new event in a certain time period, but you are not taking away the old event.

Q. Who are the ‘Lords’ of the Records?

A. They are Beings whose job it is to ‘guard’ them — they make sure each person’s Records do not get mixed vibrationally with another’s. They are not Beings who demand any kind of permission. As mentioned previously, the Records have their own safeguards against those with impure intent.

Q. Is the name ‘Lords’ an appropriate name for them?

A. Yes — the name ‘lord’ in this case means ‘overseer’ or ‘guardian’. It does not refer to any kind of adoration or hierarchy.

Q. Do you need to ask these Lords for permission to access these Records?

A. No. It is their job to keep the Records in order. As mentioned previously, the Records have their own safeguard for entry and access. The permission is asked to gain access of the person being read, and it is they and their own higher aspects that agree to this.

Q. How does that make sense if we’re all the same — if at a spiritual level we’re all One? Why would there be Beings to keep us separate if we are meant to be unified?

A. Each individual soul is on its own journey to Self-Realization. You are misunderstanding ‘unified’ or ‘one’. Unity does not mean everyone dissolves into one thing. Unified means ‘in harmony with’. It means that you understand that everything is in relationship with everything else — we all affect each other — it’s a Unified Field in that way — but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have individuality. It is like the definition of Love — Love is the field of all that is — it doesn’t mean it is one big identity in which you lose yours.

Q. Are there different levels of Records and if so, where are they and what do they pertain to?

A. There are different levels of Records in that there are different Universes and differing frequency ranges in those Universes. You may call it levels if you wish. They pertain to the experiences of those Universes wherever they are.

Q. Who are the ‘Mentors’? Where do they come from and how are they assigned?

A. They are Spiritual Beings who are specific to each person’s soul journey or to a soul family. They are assigned at the birth of the soul or soul family and remain with it/them throughout its journey within that galactic family. They come from a collective sphere of light. As the soul ascends to Higher Universes, new Mentors are assigned.

Q. What can we gain from accessing our Akashic Records?

A. Accessing your Records will bring you a deep understanding of who you are and why you are here. You can understand health issues, lessons learned and yet to be learned, karmic imprints, relationships, and know your highest gifts and abilities. You will also gain a greater appreciation for the value of choice and the effect choices have on your soul journey as well as its effect upon others and the whole. Moreover, you will know HOW MUCH YOU MATTER and how much a part of everything you are. You will know you are loved and that life does indeed, make sense and have an order to it.

The Akashic Records is the record of everything that has ever been created so whenever something gets created off of source and starts having a journey, it gets recorded in spirit. The place in spirit that gets recorded is called Akasha. It’s a Sanskrit word that means after are some people think it means the sky. My experience is that the records are held everywhere. When I am in here I am in a vast field of information; I’m in the field of all that is. Therefore you can locate that everywhere. It is in the cells of your body.

When you do a private reading for someone you are really getting into the private library and talking to them about their souls journey under lifetimes.

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